Fendi's solar dream event brings out biggest stars

Feb 09, 2020 455

BY: Dania Curvy

Some of the biggest stars in the celebrity solar system were gleaming at last night’s FENDI Solar Dream event — even they were star-struck by attendees. To celebrate the launch of their Spring/Summer 2020 Collection in New York City, the Italian label threw a stellar party to honor both Men’s and Women’s Collections from Creative Director, Silvia Venturini Fendi for the first time as part of the FENDI universe. 

Upon entering the event at their Madison Avenue boutique, people were greeted by gentlemen in Fendi jumpsuits as they walked through a glowing tangerine archway that was reminiscent of an Italian sunset at golden hour. A playful palette of psychedelic brights surge into the palest pink, honey and pecan floral patterns, reflected throughout the boutique to create a captivating Solar Dream experience.

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SOURCE: https://vmagazine.com

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