Brunello Cucinelli Had Many Things to Celebrate at His Bergdorf Goodman Dinner

Apr 30, 2019 705

BY: Elise Taylor

Twenty years ago, Brunello Cucinelli sought to break ground in the United States, and Bergdorf Goodman was the first to welcome him with open arms. Since, Cucinelli’s cashmere has become a staple in the fashionable American’s closet, but the Italian fashion house isn’t forgetting where it came from.

Last Thursday night, the department store and luxury brand celebrated their fruitful partnership in style. First, a signing of Mr. Cucinelli’s book, The Dream of Solomeo: My Life and the Idea of Humanistic Capitalism, which brought out GQ editor Will Welch and Bergdorf Goodman doyenne Linda Fargo. His book promotes philosophies of a market-driven economy that operates in the best interest of the environment and society at large—or, more poetically, how to operate a business where employees feel fulfilled to the utmost.

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