Iconic Ferrari Prototype Featured at Saratoga Automobile Museum’s Enzo Ferrari Exhibition

Apr 24, 2024 813

BY: Elizabeth Puckett

In a tribute to Ferrari’s innovative engineering and striking design, the Saratoga Automobile Museum in Saratoga Springs, NY, is currently hosting a remarkable exhibit titled ‘Enzo Ferrari: An Obsession with Speed’. Among the stars of this exhibit is a rare Ferrari prototype, the Tre Posti, designed by the legendary Aldo Brovarone for Pininfarina. This prototype, first introduced at the 1966 Paris Motor Show, is notable for its unique central driving position and advanced design features.

The Tre Posti stands out not only for its aesthetic and engineering prowess but also for its historical significance in the evolution of Ferrari’s design philosophy. The car features a 365/P2 racing chassis and is powered by a Colombo-designed 4.39-liter V-12 engine, capable of producing 375 horsepower and reaching speeds in excess of 150 mph. 

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SOURCE: https://moderncarcollector.com

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