Presentation of an Official Proclamation of Apology by the Mayor of New Orleans to the Italian American Community

Mar 25, 2019 4144

Friday, April 12, 2019 @ 11:00 AMERICAN ITALIAN CULTURAL CENTER 537 South Peters Street, New Orleans, LA. The Order Sons & Daughters of Italy in America (OSDIA) is proud to announce an historical event concerning a long social wound stemming from America's worst lynching event that occurred in New Orleans in 1891. Eleven Italian immigrants were killed while in prison custody following their criminal exoneration of the shooting of the New Orleans Police Commissioner.

Given the local New Orleans governmental leaders' complicity here, the tragedy loomed large not only over the City, but over the Nation, leading to a serious international dispute with the Italian government and setting back Italian relations many, many years. There has never been an official apology by any official from the New Orleans government. Now, after 128 years, at the request of the COMMISSION FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE, OSDIA, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell has bravely agreed to issue an official Proclamation of Apology.

This otherwise solemn event is also a giant step in helping grasp the past in order to help mend ways in the future.

FOR INFORMATION: Michael A. Santo, Esq.: 516.551.5503 (cell) [email protected]

SOURCE: Michael A. Santo, Esq

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