San Rocco Feast In New York To Be Filmed For A Documentary

Aug 18, 2023 416

The 134th Annual Feast celebrating San Rocco in New York City will be filmed by a crew developing a documentary as part of the project by the Centro Lucani nel Mondo under the auspices of the Regione Basilicata. Stephen LaRocca, president of the St. Rocco Society of Potenza says, "I invite you to join us this year for a wonderful celebration. Please feel free to call me with any questions at 646-734-8354."

The feast of St. Rocco in Manhattan, NY on August 20, 2023 will be historic. The procession will be filmed and become part of an exhibit on Italian culture around the world. The presence of all with Italian origins is important for this event. In August 2024 an exhibition about Italian immigration will be held in 4 cities around the world, New York, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Genoa.

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