Rochester's famous Little Italy Wall Mural on Lyell Avenue now being reproduced in Italian pizzeria in Dubai, United Arb Emirates

May 18, 2022 488

The founder of Rochester's Little Italy Neighborhood in the Lyell Avenue corridor was recently contacted by an Italian American design engineer named Gabrio Marchetti. Mr. Marchetti is currently working on a project in Russia for a Dubai entrepreneur, and requested permission to reproduce Rochester Little Italy's famous wall mural of Italian American icons in a n Italian pizzeria currently being developed in Russia.

The now world famous wall mural is located at the corner of State St and Lyell Avenue on the Flat Iron building in downtown Rochester and it depicts famous local Italian Americans from Rochester (Chuck Mangione – jazz trumpet superstar, Midge Costanza – Rochester’s first elected City Councilwoman, woman and Carmen Basilio- a famous Italian American boxer from Rochester) well as national-level Italian American icons like Frank Sinatra, Madonna, Liza Minelli, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Rocky Marciano and the late NY Governor Mario Cuomo.

Silvano Orsi (Founder of Rochester's Little Italy Neighborhood) : "The ultimate form of flattery and recognition is duplication. We of course gave them permission to reproduce the mural for their project in Dubai. This now cements our wonderful mural as an irreplaceable and very positive treasure of Rochester, with a world-wide reach! We're very honored by this respectful request and we look forward to seeing it when it's completed for the Dubai project."

The Little Italy Wall Mural was originally designed by Domenico Colaprete of FUSE Creative on Lyell Avenue and members of the Little Italy Association of Rochester, and then it was installed on the Flat Iron building by Fuse Creative. Mural paid for by Silvano Orsi and Thomas LaBue. (the owner of the Flat Iron building).

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