Giovanna Piccozzi Finds Peace in Italian Olive Grove

Jul 15, 2013 512

The death of Giovanna Piccozzi's daughter changed her life in an instant. Her memoir, "Umbrian Twilight" (published by AuthorHouse), tells of her retreat to rural Italy. The gentle madness of everyday life and the brio her friends and neighbors share with her help her to heal. She shares just enough to make readers understand the value of the joy and peace she finds. Piccozzi's connection with her Italian/American heritage and childhood is moving.

"It takes the reader down a path of pain and love and leads them to renewal and hope," says Piccozzi. She describes her book as if readers are sitting with her on a couch, drinking a glass of wine and hearing a tell-all story of her latest adventures in Italy. She opens her heart about a loss that is too hard to verbalize.

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