500 Years Later: Who was Giovanni da Verrazzano?

Mar 28, 2024 1423

Monday, April 15, 2024, 7 to 8 pm in The Galleria - Casa Belvedere - 79 Howard Ave, Staten Island, NY. Light refreshments will be served. Get ready for the 500th anniversary of Giovanni da Verrazzano’s exploration of New York Harbor with an immersive journey through time to commemorate the life and enduring legacy of this legendary explorer.

Join us as we delve into Verrazzano’s remarkable adventures and his pivotal role in shaping transatlantic history. From his vision of a western trade route to his encounters with indigenous people, Verrazzano’s exploits continue to resonate 5 centuries later. Explore the rich tapestry of Italian history and celebrate the enduring spirit of exploration and discovery, here at Casa Belvedere with its stunning view of the Verrazzano Bridge.

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SOURCE: https://casa-belvedere.org

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