Rudolph Edward Torrini dies at 95 years of age

Sep 07, 2018 740

Rudolph Edward Torrini. Born March 31, 1923 (age 95). Died: September 5, 2018. St.Louis, Missouri. Education BFA, Washington University 1949; Fulbright Scholar, Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze 1949; MFA, University of Notre Dame 1958 Known for Sculpture, Wood Carving, Drawing. Notable work: Italian Immigrants, Martin Luther King, Union Soldier

Rudolph Edward Torrini (born March 31, 1923) is an American artist most known for his sculptures, wood carvings and bronze public monuments in the St. Louis area, including “The Immigrants”, “The Union Soldier,” and “Martin Luther King.” A student of Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, his work is also influenced by the works of Auguste Rodin. Torrini trained and taught Bob Cassilly, founder of the City Museum in St. Louis, and also helped establish the Master of Fine Arts program in Fontbonne College.

SOURCE: Ciao St. Louis

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