Omaha welcomes Carlentini mayor for his first visit since the signing of the Sister City Friendship Agreement

Jul 19, 2022 739

Late Sunday night, Carlentini Mayor Giuseppe Stefio officially arrived in Omaha. "I am honored and very happy to be a guest of the City of Omaha and our community from Carlentini. And I want to especially thank the Mayor Stothert for the invitation to come and I look forward to meet her in person," Stefio said in Italian. The Carlentini heritage in Omaha runs back several generations.

"Since 1893, more than 3,000 people left and today they represent 70% of the Italian community (in Omaha)," said Eleonora Formica, president of the Carlentini Omaha Association. So clearly, Italian culture has had an influence on Omaha. "The real reason we are here is because this is the first time that the Mayor from Carlentini is visiting Omaha, officially," Formica said.

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