Travelers Italian

Mar 18, 2019 768

BY: R. Sergio Simon

Planning a trip to Italy this year? Perhaps just daydreaming of walking the reconstruction of Pompeii, boating along the Amalfi coast, or strolling the historic, picturesque, and somewhat chaotic streets of Rome?  How will you spend your time to experience the most Italian culture? Will you be able to communicate with shopkeepers, read the bus and train schedules, get the most from the many museums? Will you be ready to appreciate the beauty that is Italy?

Take Italia in Ohio’s Travelers Italian and you will be well on your way! Fluent? No, but well ahead of the masses that descend on the Italian peninsula every year. In three interactive 90 minute classes you will start with the basics, from the alphabet and numbers to simple greetings to building-block sentences into which you fit one verb or noun to cover hundreds of occasions. There will be handouts that cover vocabularies for food, sightseeing, and shopping, including a clothing size conversion table.

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