Did You Know Evansville is Home to a Replica of the Santa Maria?

Apr 21, 2022 260

BY: Melissa Awesome

You know it's really true what they say, you learn something new every day. Of course, a popular piece of Evansville history is the legendary Mesker Park Zoo monkey ship, but did you know the monkey ship is considered a "reasonable replica" of one of Christopher Columbus' ships? I JUST learned about this the other day! Well, not about the monkey ship, but about it being a replica of the Santa Maria.

My husband and I became parents last year, and since we have a little one now, we're trying to find more family-friendly things to do. We got zoo memberships for Christmas, and on nice days we like to walk around the zoo. Last week we took Riley (our 6-month-old) to the zoo and decided to make a stop by the old monkey ship.

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SOURCE: https://wkdq.com

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