Philadelphia police investigate several acts of anti-Columbus Day vandalism

Oct 09, 2018 961

BY: Bob Brooks

Police are investigating multiple acts of Columbus Day-related vandalism in Philadelphia. There are reports of several incidents around Columbus and Italian heritage landmarks around the city. It was just a little after 4 a.m. at the Filitalia Foundation on Passyunk Avenue when surveillance video shows the suspect spray painting these messages outside: "Columbus=Mussolini=Rizzo=Trump=Facist," and "Italian Americans against racism, slavery, genocide, rape, stolen land."

The suspect is wearing a hood and mostly keeps his head down. But for a brief moment as he's about to leave he looks up. He appears to have a beard and glasses. Police are calling what's written "anti-fascist" and "End Columbus Day" messages. But those from the foundation say it's without a doubt anti-Italian.

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