Bebop, Swing and Bella Musica: Jazz and the Italian American Experience

Feb 04, 2017 1585

February 20 @ 6:00 pm - Beck Rooms - 400 South Orange Ave Walsh Library South Orange NJ. RSVP: Visit Organizer’s Website for latest details and RSVP Instructions

Join author Bill Dal Cerro for a discussion of his book, which explores how Italian artists drew strength from the musical traditions of their ancestors, bringing Italian passion to America’s greatest art form. Bebop, Swing and Bella Musica is more than just a book about music. From the lynching of Italian immigrants in New Orleans in 1891 through hard times and prejudice, this book documents the cultural barriers which Italians faced in their pursuit of the American Dream. It also profiles musicians like Joe Marsala who played an active role in the integration of jazz music.


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