A preservation of San Diego Little Italy’s history

Mar 02, 2024 1083

BY: Anna Tokie, Convivio Outreach Coordinator

As we enter March, may the cultivation, rejuvenation, and celebration of Italian Heritage continue within our community. To properly honor the stories of generations’ past, you are invited to support the production of Convivio’s five-part docuseries that genuinely highlights Little Italy’s history, community, and heritage.  

For a sneak-peak, enjoy, The Talk on the Street, with heartfelt gratitude to both, Tom Cesarini and John B. Mangiapane, Jr., for bringing this vision to fruition. Check us out, get connected, and help us keep the memories alive here and follow us along on Instagram @conviviosociety. Docuseries support, here.

SOURCE: Little Italy Association of San Diego

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