The evolution of the new Italian emigration in Los Angeles

May 11, 2022 580

BY: Mariella Salvatori

Los Angeles has always been the favorite destination of people coming from all over the world seeking to become successful show business figures. As we know, this sector includes a myriad of specializations : it’s enough to read the long list of names contained in the closing credits of musical or cinematic productions. Among the many ethnic groups present in Los Angeles, the Italian group excell in several business, cultural and professional activities.

What is, in some way, lacking is the mutual knowledge of the protagonists of these activities. From this observation, the idea was born to create a group called PATIO (Performing Arts and Talents of Italian Origin) edited by the musician Fabrizio Grassi and supported by the Italian Consulate General whose mission is to give assistance during the production stages favouring a good collaboration among the associates.

After some months of joined work aimed at recruiting a good list of less known show figures in figurative as well as in audiovisual arts, the Consul General Silvia Chiave and the Director of the Italian Institute of Culture Emanuele Amendola gave hospitality to the first meeting with the presence of nearly 150 people.

The interest of the participants to the event has been very high and several ideas of collaboration have been envisaged among the different sectors.

The kickoff party for the creation of PATIO and for the beginning of the activity will take place next Fall. 

Best wishes to the new-born Association!

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