We The Italians | What's up with WTI: Editorial # 153

What's up with WTI: Editorial # 153

Ciao from Rome!  

Dear friends, during our first gala last June 20, we announced two partnerships. The one with the Transatlantic Investment Committee (TIC) is particularly dear to us: this is an excellent project that will concretely improve economic and financial relations between Italy and the United States. A few days ago we attended the first TIC meeting here in Rome, where we had the opportunity to listen to the remarkable speech of the Italian Ambassador to Washington, H.E. Mariangela Zappia. Things are moving well, and We the Italians will make its contribution so that they go better and better.

It's a small milestone, but we are happy to tell you that we have surpassed 5,000 followers on our Instagram page. We invite you to follow it, there you will find our content and every day beautiful photos about the cuisine, landscapes and beauty of our wonderful Italy.

Starting this month, we’re very happy and proud to welcome a new excellent contributor to our magazine: Amy Riolo, the Ambassador of Mediterranean cuisine in the world, will share with us every month one recipe for the Italian cuisine column of our magazine. As an award – winning, best-selling, author, chef, television personality, and educator, Amy Riolo is one of the world’s foremost authorities on culinary culture. She is known for sharing history, culture, and nutrition through global cuisine as well as simplifying recipes for the home cook. Amy is also a food historian, culinary anthropologist and Mediterranean Diet specialist. Her 11th and last book (for now) is Italian recipes for Dummies.

Our We the Italians’ family keeps growing: we have now Ambassadors in 47 American States, 17 Italian regions and 4 thematic Ambassadors. This month we welcome three friends as new Ambassadors: one thematic and two in two beautiful Italian regions. It's just a coincidence, but these are the very two regions my parents were from: my mom's family was from Sardinia, my dad's from Emilia Romagna.

Alessandro Pinto is We the Italians’ Ambassador to the Sport world. Alessandro is one of the founders of "social responsibility in sport." When this notion did not yet exist, he was the "weaver" of the first two agreements between the International Olympic Committee and four United Nations Agencies (1992) and between FIFA and UNICEF (1994), which marked the beginning of an era during which sport officially engaged in social and humanitarian activities. Alessandro has continued over the years working in this direction in different parts of the world, awarded by the U.S. Federal Government with a permanent residency in the U.S. for merits in his field. Since 2019 he has been Founder and President of the Italian American Sport Foundation.

Alessio Tola is our Ambassador in Sardinia. Professor of analysis and evaluation of technologies at the University of Sassari in Sardinia, Alessio has always devoted himself to the study of industrial districts and the dynamics of development of production systems, innovation technology and internationalization of the reference markets. He wrote over 100scientific publications over the last five years, including international studies on the socio-economic impact of start-ups in Italy and in the USA. First generation entrepreneur, he founded the Smeralda Consulting Group, of which he is Honorary President. He represents the American Chamber of Commerce in Sardinia.

Paolo Battaglia is our Ambassador in Emilia Romagna. As founder of Anniversary Books, a publishing company specialized in illustrated books and visual history, Paolo authored and published two illustrated books on the Italian American experience. The first, “Explorers Emigrants Citizens” with a foreword by Martin Scorsese, was co-published with the Library of Congress. For his second project, the book and documentary “Italian American Country”, he travelled more than 20,000 miles allover the US to interview small Italian communities in more than 20 states. Among many other things he’s done, Paolo served as Director of Museo della Figurina, the only public museum dedicated to the history of trading card and sticker collecting, and created the concept “Foodball High”, a docu-series in which US high school football meets Italian food.

Let me remember you the yearbook of We the Italians is available with the 24 interviews of the past year, both in Italian and English. This is our eighth book: one in English, one in Italian, and six yearbooks like this one, in two languages. In this first month the edition of 2021 has sold much more than the editions of previous years in their first months of release, and this makes me very happy because it rewards the work of all of us. I hope more of you will want to purchase the volume, which you can preview and buy here.

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It’s all for this month, please stay safe and take care. Ciao from Rome