We The Italians | Italian lifestyle and fashion: The young Neapolitan tailor bringing timeless Italian style to the world

Italian lifestyle and fashion: The young Neapolitan tailor bringing timeless Italian style to the world

Italian lifestyle and fashion: The young Neapolitan tailor bringing timeless Italian style to the world

  • WTI Magazine #160 Feb 17, 2023
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Countless times I have found myself in an airport lounge reading something while I wait to board my next flight. And to this day, I still vividly remember that incredibly humid evening and the impressive not-so-bad espresso at Changi airport in Singapore. As an Italian man passionate about the fine art of tailoring, it is not infrequent for me to consult reviews of Italian tailors and their work, but that evening I was surprised to read about a Neapolitan tailor, Enzo Carfora, whom a reference lifestyle magazine was describing as a young prodigy. What was even better: his tailoring house was located almost walking distance from where my parents live. My interest peaked and, as I was actually heading back to my hometown, I had to pay Carfora a visit.

In my mind and based on my previous experience, a master tailor was always someone in his mid-50s to 70s with a wealth of knowledge to share. Therefore, it was very interesting to meet this young gentleman, full of energy and love for his job, with an unparalleled understanding and mastery of all the principles and secrets of classic menswear. I was going with the idea to order a double-breasted suit for the graduation of a dear friend, yet I was there sipping a drink, talking fabrics and learning the story of this young tailor. Fair to say I was hooked.

Enzo first entered a tailoring house when he was only a teenager, immediately appreciating the true intrinsic essence of classic bespoke clothing: creating something unique. He then spent years perfecting his craft under the mentorship of some of the world’s leading and most respected italian tailors such as Maestro Pirozzi, an institution for Neapolitan tailors, and Maestro Avella, personal tailor to globally-renowned fashion designer Gianfranco Ferrè.

From them, he acquired the skills and knowledge that make Italian tailoring great and its garments appreciated by gentlemen all around the world. His curiosity and passion for this world pushed him to continuously evolve and finally develop his own style. Which he likes to describe as “Unusual Neapolitan tailoring: a suit of the highest quality, with well-defined Neapolitan roots and an international spirit.”

Shoulders on a Carfora jacket are typically Neapolitan: fine and unstructured, resulting in a shoulder that is altogether softer, more rounded with no padding. The lapels are usually of sizable dimensions to be adequate to the gentleman’s chest and personality - at least that’s how I love to read it. The armhole is high in order to make the arm free and independent from the rest of the jacket, providing great comfort. Trousers are usually cuffed and double-pleated at the waist. It’s certainly Neapolitan but it’s also undoubtedly unique in its style and identity.

5 years and a significant number of suits later, Carfora became my favorite tailor. As a matter of fact, the only one I go to these days. Choosing a tailor is a personal matter based on many different variables. For me, it is about feeling a match in terms of style, lifestyle, personality, and attention to detail. It is about living an experience that goes beyond ordering a garment, it is about going through a journey of self-discovery and enjoying every step of the way. A luxurious moment, yet with that (so very) typical Neapolitan nonchalance and simplicity.

During the years, thanks to Enzo’s dedication and hard work, Sartoria Carfora expanded considerably. It has been featured by leading industry voices including The Rake and Sartorial Talks and went on to serve gentlemen around Europe, from Milan to Paris, London to Budapest.

But there was one destination that Enzo had still eyes on, and he even mentioned that during our very first meeting years ago. America was his dream. And finally, it’s happening. “It has always been a dream for me to start serving the American market, and now that dream is becoming a reality” Enzo reminded me when he gave me the good news.

Sartoria Carfora’s first US Trunk Show will happen in New York City on March 23rd - 25th, 2023. The trunk show model is a unique and personalized way of serving clients, allowing them to experience the luxury of italian bespoke tailoring in the comfort of their own city. Enzo and Sartoria Carfora’s team will regularly travel to New York multiple times a year to take measurements and fit clients, discuss their specific needs and desires for their bespoke suits.

One can only raise a glass to this Italian American sartorial dream. New York and Naples have never been so close.