Lord of the strings. Prized Stradivarius violins take center stage in Las Vegas

Mar 02, 2020 638

BY: Janna Karel

De Ann Letourneau will be a small footnote in the history of the Earl Falmouth Stradivarius when she plays it this weekend. The $6.6 million violin has changed hands and stages countless times in the centuries since it was first fashioned. And its next appointment will be March 6 in the hands of the Las Vegas Philharmonic’s concertmaster at Festa Stradivari.

The weekend of events will introduce five Stradivarius violins to the Smith Center stage as Letourneau and four visiting soloists perform the works of Vivaldi and Bach at a Saturday night concert bookended by the Philharmonic’s Friday night gala and Sunday morning brunch event.

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SOURCE: https://www.reviewjournal.com

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