Ron Onesti: The 'Yankee Clipper' turns 100

Jan 27, 2015 881

Just a few weeks ago, Yankee legend Joe DiMaggio would have turned 100 years old. Each year, as we swing into the baseball season, three things bring me to an out-of-body, "Field Of Dreams" experience: having a couple of smokie-link sandwiches in the left field box seats at Wrigley facing the base that Santo built; throwing down a cold one while watching the post-home run fireworks at Comiskey (sorry, it will always be Comiskey); and recalling my day with a man who is spoken of in the same conversation as is Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig ... Joe DiMaggio.

For many years, I volunteered my time to The National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame on Taylor Street in Chicago. I produced all its fundraising events, was the lead designer for all the exhibits in the museum and was editor of its magazine, Red White & Green.

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