Throws of summer: Rhode Island Bocce League heating up

Jul 30, 2019 674


The sport of bocce is alive and well at the Santa Maria Di Prata Club on Walnut Grove Avenue in Cranston. On a recent summer night, Team Giovanotti – which is made up of Johnston residents – tested its mettle again Team Azzuri Di Prata on the clay courts located behind the Italian-American Society in what players like David Slinko called “a friendly yet highly-competitive three-game match.”

To say that players on both squads take playing the game of bocce seriously would be an understatement. Team Azzuri – the Rhode Island Bocce League’s 2017 champion – took on Team Giovanotti, who as Johnston Police patrolman Slinko wanted it known “is enjoying the title of 2018 league champs.” However, on this night, Team Azzuri Di Prata took two of three games despite being in sixth place in the Rhode Island Bocce League.

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