Revisiting the ‘Miracle on Grass’ ahead of USA-England World Cup clash

Nov 25, 2022 233

BY: Jordan Williams

The day after Thanksgiving, the best soccer players from the United States and England will reignite an old rivalry at the 2022 World Cup. Three points are on the line, but it’s more than that for the players on the pitch. There’s too much historical significance to fit into this script, but the teams’ soccer histories can be summed up by one word: undefeated, and it’s not the English claiming that title.

The two teams have met twice in the World Cup, most recently in 2010 in South Africa. But it was 72 years ago that one of the greatest sporting upsets took place on June 29, 1950, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, when a ragtag group of American soccer players dethroned the kings and inventors of the game. A huge part of the success of that U.S team was the guys from The Hill. The Italian guys: Frank Borghi, Charlie Colombo, Gino Pariani, and Frank Wallace. 

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