Libero Giorgia Civita loves competition, found it again at UW

Jan 21, 2021 518

BY: Bremen Keasey

Wisconsin’s new libero Giorgia Civita is no stranger to big changes. A native of Milan, Italy, Civitia Civita tore her ACL while still in Italy, and was thinking of what the next move might be. Her brother, Luca, had friends who had gone to the US on athletic scholarships before, and felt that would be a way to help Civita get back to playing at a high level.

So her brother made a recruiting video, helped get her information to colleges in the US and thanks to a mix of logistical issues like fewer requirements for a language test, better scholarship funding and recent success, Civita joined the Wichita State Shockers in 2016, all thanks to her brother.

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