‘Artemisia’ paints picture of strong will, passion in complex portrayal of female artist

Apr 25, 2023 367

BY: Brigid Zei

Love, loss, artistry and women’s empowerment are the anchoring themes in Lauren Gunderson’s latest play that paint a multi-dimensional picture of the 17th century Italian painter Artemisia Gentileschi’s life. “Artemesia” follows the life and career of Gentileschi, who found prominence from painting complex, multi-dimensional depictions of women.

Specially commissioned for the Forward Theater Company, the world premiere of “Artemesia,” is happening at the Playhouse in the Overture Center for the Arts from April 13 to April 30. The play features five cast members who help to bring Gentileschi’s story to life. The show depicts Gentileschi’s various stages in life, from being a young woman and a daughter to being a mother and renowned artist.

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SOURCE: https://badgerherald.com

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