Sopranos convention: Who will be there and what you need to know if you go

Nov 21, 2019 498

BY: Jim Beckerman

A "Sopranos" convention in the Meadowlands? Of course. Where else would you hold a "Sopranos" convention? This particular party, however, doesn't take place under six feet of swampy ground — or in the concrete supports of a truss bridge. This first SopranosCon will be at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus on Nov. 23 and 24. And you'd best be there. You wouldn't want to disappoint Tony. 

"It's the perfect setting," says Michael Mota, co-founder of the event. "We had a choice to pick anywhere we wanted. But when you think of 'The Sopranos,' you think of the Meadowlands." The Meadowlands is where the show's very first victim, Emil Kolar, is buried in Episode 1, season 1. And though the hit HBO show about Jersey mobsters, over six seasons, ranged as far away as the Pine Barrens, Asbury Park and Italy, the Meadowlands and the surrounding North Jersey towns remained its center of gravity.

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