Science and sports make up Vizzini’s life

Mar 05, 2020 349

BY: Mike Gurnis

Free time is hard to come by in Olivia Vizzini’s world. The Vernon senior admittedly is not one to enjoy sitting around. That’s why you’ll find her involved in some way outside of the classrooms at Vernon Township High School, whether it be on the softball diamond or volleyball court, in addition to other extracurricular activities such as leadership positions in various honor societies.

“I love to be involved with my school, especially, in athletics and in extracurricular activities,” Vizzini said. “I find myself to be a natural leader, so I assume those positions naturally. I love the grind. It’s something I’ve been very used to since I was very young. I kind of find myself bored without all the activities going on in my life. So, it’s nice to stay involved, help my school community, it’s awesome.”

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