Why Calabria’s Diamante Murales are Worth Visiting

Jul 13, 2019 527

BY: Nilla Palmer

With a plethora of fabulous tourist destinations in southern Italy’s Calabria region, the famous Murales (murals) in Diamante are definitely worth visiting… I have to let you in on a little secret, I did go slightly crazy taking loads of photos today. But the murals are not the only attraction in this pretty coastal town.

The Preite bus from the Cosenza Autostazione to Diamante costs 5€ one-way and takes around one and a half hours. Make sure you tell the driver beforehand to stop at Diamante as he doesn’t go into the town, instead drives past. You’re dropped along the highway and need to cross this to get to the town’s side, then walk down the steep hill.

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SOURCE: https://imageearthtravel.com

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