Which Italian city you are, based on your zodiac sign!

Sep 24, 2022 630

ARIES – The first sign of the zodiac, these rams love to be number one and aren’t afraid to dive into challenging situations, no matter how hard they may be. The same is true of MATERA, a city dug into a rocky outcrop in Basilicata whose challenges are (quite literally) as hard as stone.

Annoyed by excessive details and needless nuances, Aries would love the intense primality of Matera, where until 1952, many residents lived in the Sassi, a network of cave dwellings carved into the mountainside of the ravine on one side of the city. Aries are intensely energetic, sporty and quite impulsive (they think after they leap) and would have a field day exploring and running around the bridges, caves and endless hiking paths of the Murgia Materana Park. 

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SOURCE: https://italysegreta.com

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