What You Should Know About Italy’s Rare And Surprising Vineyards

Jul 20, 2020 200

BY: Catherine Sabino

As a country with a notably diverse landscape, Italy offers vineyards in locations ranging from the gently rolling hills of the Chianti and gravity-defying terrain of the Cinque Terre to Mt. Etna’s dramatic slopes and the Alpine turf of Aosta and Alto Adige. But the most unexpected place to find a vineyard in Italy may well be within the confines of one of its famous cities.

While Italy has urban wineries and wine towns surrounded by hectares of grapevines, its city vineyards, obviously, are rare. Yet you can visit a number of these remarkable properties— located in Turin, Milan, Venice, Siena and Palermo—making it easy to take in both artistic and architectural masterpieces and historic wine culture in one convenient stop.

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SOURCE: https://www.forbes.com/

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