US investors eyeing Borsalino as hat maker grapples with financial woes

Apr 14, 2015 843

Borsalino hats, one of the symbols of Italian fashion, are being eyed by large foreign financial and industrial groups. The situation is still developing, and it intertwines with the legal quandary involving the apparel company's majority shareholder Marco Marenco.

Piedmont financier Marenco is currently on the run abroad after his network of Italian and foreign companies got involved in a €3.4 billion crash in the gas sector. Marenco had bought Borsalino to bring some diversity to his portfolio with a fashion darling; now Borsalino is just a drop in the ocean of a bankruptcy scandal which—if prosecutors manage to confirm its extent—could be Italy's largest after Cirio and Parmalat's.

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Fonte: Italy24

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