Umbria olive oil festival is powerful reminder that small is beautiful

Nov 15, 2015 651

by Chiara Beghelli

It's very typical among Italians to claim "the olive oil from my region is the best one." Who knows, maybe it's a kind of legacy of the ancient fight between "Comuni," the capital cities of small territories, in Medieval times. Anyway, there is no question that the olive oil from Umbria region is really among the best of Italy, a country that in 2013 produced about 463,000 tons, the second producer in Europe after Spain.

We are considering the 2013 data because 2014 was an unusual "annus horribilis" for the oil production (almost halved) in the whole country. Umbria, as known as "the green heart of Italy," has a relatively small production, of about 5,730 tons in 2013, compared to the 185,000 of Puglia, the first Italian region for olive oil production, but it's really excellent.

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Fonte: Italy24

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