Touring the Town of Gorizia

Oct 04, 2019 631

Gorizia, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia near the border with Slovenia, is a small town and can be easily visited on foot; here are some walks we recommend. A tour of the town must begin from its most significant monument, the imposing Castle, surrounded by the ancient irregular walls (See map 1 below). Founded in early medieval times, probably in the XIth century, the Castle was damaged, destroyed and restructured many times in the course of centuries, and was finally restored to its original aspect by well carried out restoration work in 1937.

The Castle of Gorizia is today a robust and articulate construction in the shape of a pentagon around the wide Court of the Lanzi. From the Court one accesses the thirteenth-century Palazzetto of the Counts, the west part of the Castle, distinguishable for its five Romanesque two-light windows, and the fifteenth-century Palace of the Provincial States, the east part, connected to the Palazzetto by means of a connecting structure called Palazzetto Veneto. 

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