The Best Truffle Hunters In Italy: Behind The Family Who Found A $330,000 White Truffle

Jan 24, 2017 825

By Breanna Wilson

It all starts at an exclusive dinner event at one of Florence's Michelin-rated restaurants. But isn't that how it always starts? You're given a taste of the best version of something and there's just no going back from there. It's like being seated in First Class and then being expected to fly economy for the rest of your life. You know something grand and fabulous is out there, and you'd rather eat your hand than go back to the old way of life that you once thought was normal.

That's exactly what happens when you taste a fresh Italian truffle for the first time. In Italy. Straight from the guy who went out and hunted for it. Because when that fabulous, fabulous man shaves it over the most incredible bowl of pasta you could have ever imagined, simply put, it spoils you for life.

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