Seadas: Sardinian-Style Fried Cheese With Honey

Oct 07, 2021 213

BY: Margherita Maldini

Seadas is one of the first dishes to spring to mind when one thinks of Sardinia. What's intriguing about the cuisine of the Tyrrhenian island is that it's indisputably Mediterranean while being so distinctly Sardinian. The hinterland-covered island surrounded by translucent blue water plays host to a trove of gastronomic treasures, which bear both mainland Italian and Catalan influences. 

Saedas, a dessert, is not only the one that's probably best known and reproduced across the mainland, but it tastes like bliss: Pecorino fused with citrus zest coated in a crispy shell and topped with honey – it packs one glorious bite after another. This recipe has been adapted from chef Carlo Cracco's book, La cucina regionale come piace a me. It calls for strawberry tree honey, but if you can't find that, any honey you have will suffice. 

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