Luxury Italian Brands: The Gucci Garden a must to visit in Florence, the museum dedicated to Gucci

May 29, 2019 411

BY: Paolo Melissi

The Gucci Garden was inaugurated in Florence, for the 90-year anniversary of the birth of the brand, a new space designed specifically to give visibility and prominence to the eclectic production of the fashion house. Among Italian luxury brands, Gucci is certainly one of the most important and all time internationally famous.

The Maison founded in 1921 in Florence, presents itself as a distinctive expression of “made in Italy” in the world. It is also headquartered in one of the most fascinating locations in the city, within the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia, in Piazza della Signoria. The choice of the name Gucci Garden recalls the aesthetics of the brand and the distinctive, quiet atmosphere one would easily associate with that of a garden and the discrete presence of plants and flowers. 

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