Lucio Dalla: from Bologna with melody and irony

Oct 04, 2022 216

BY: Lorenzo Cibrario

While I’m writing this article, I’m flying over the city of Bologna on an airplane. From up here, I can see the little shadow of the plane drawing a trajectory over the clusters of forests, vineyards and red-bricked rooftops of the gorgeous capital of the Emilia-Romagna region. The plane’s shadow looks like the icon of the mouse on the desktop, pointing to the city of Bologna to remind me of all the beauties treasured inside those infinite arcades, piazzas and botteghe. 

Besides being famous for its food, art and history, Bologna is also the hometown of one of the wittiest singer-songwriters Italy ever had–the great, late Lucio Dalla. The link between Lucio Dalla and the city of Bologna is deep and well-documented throughout his long and successful career, during which he produced and recorded more than 40 albums

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