Lando Simonetti: “The Marketing Man of World Polo”

Dec 09, 2015 1396

We interviewed Lando Simonetti, a very successful entrepreneur with never-ending anecdotes during his 30 years as CEO of La Martina and in the polo world. A visionary man down to business. Founder and president of the world's most famous fashion polo brand. We spoke with Lando in his very elegant La Martina boutique in Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

He was born in Italy, and when he was 7 years old he moved with his family to Argentina. Then he went to study in Boston, where he lived for 14 years. One of his jobs, commercial director for a jeans brand. It was there, in the USA, where La Martina was created, even though many believed it was in Buenos Aires. In February 2015 Lando Simonetti travelled to Harvard to receive a very special award.

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