Italy's most beautiful villages: Étroubles, an open-air museum

Nov 11, 2021 275

Étroubles locates in the deep north of Valle d'Aosta. It traces and preserves the history and traditions of a past marked by the passage of many peoples. À Étroubles, avant toi sont passés...

Étroubles is a tiny village set like a gem in the Alpine peaks. Situated at an altitude of almost 3000 metres, it stands in the heart of the Great St Bernard Valley, about 20 km from Aosta. Étroubles is a witness to an ancient past and the custodian of enchanting places that represent it. It is also home to a permanent art installation that makes it a stunning open-air museum. Thanks to these characteristics, the charming village in Valle d'Aosta, inhabited by less than 500 souls, has been included in the most beautiful towns in Italy.

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