Italy 2023: Offbeat Tour Ideas to Try This Year

Dec 31, 2022 287

BY: Melanie Renzulli

Italy can’t help herself. She looks beautiful, as always, on screen. And she can’t pass up a chance to be the setting of a hit TV show. Of course, that leads to a boom in tourism. This leads to more people falling in love with Italy’s gorgeous settings. Yada yada yada…it’s a vicious cycle.

Now that the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us — or is just pausing before it jump-scares us — Italy is seeing higher tourist numbers than ever. The threat of overtourism looms large once again. Venice is set to enforce daily entrance fees in 2023, lest it becomes Disneyland. And Italy is expecting a tourism boom again, not just from Stanley Tucci tourism but now because of White Lotus tourism to Sicily.

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