Italian brewery launches first ever beer made of air

Sep 24, 2018 528

BY: Alex Macbeth

It's what every beer drinker in the world wants, a beer that you can muster out of thin air. Now a microbrewery in the Italian region of Umbria is doing just that. Birra Flea has launched the world's first craft beer made of air. It's called Sans Papiers – Biere de l'air. "Beer is made of 90 per cent water. We just extract water from the air," Alessandro Tozzi, a marketing spokesman for Birra Flea, told The Local.

"It all starts with a machine that condenses hot air into water," adds Tozzi. Birra Flea's condenser can produce 1,200 litres of water from hot air per day.  The water is then mixed with barley malt, hops and yeast to produce beer. Birra Flea, founded by two local beer lovers, claims to use "the best barley since the Middle Ages," according to its website. Birra Flea's beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised.  

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