An innovative bridge between Calabria and the United States to train talents

Apr 16, 2022 281

To encourage, support and develop entrepreneurial relationships between Italy and its best innovative realities with the Boston ecosystem. This is the goal at the base of the agreement signed between Entopan Innovation, an incubator/accelerator and open innovation hub based in Catanzaro, and 42N Advisors, B-Corp that aims to support Italian companies and entrepreneurs who want to enter the U.S. market and Accelerate Italy, to introduce start-ups and scale-ups in the U.S. territory.

The agreement is the result of the common desire to initiate stable relationships of international cooperation, promoting new forms of dialogue, exchange of experiences, professional mobility and research, also by sharing values, networks and related development programs.

A collaboration that effectively aims at creating a privileged bridge between the South of Italy - specifically, Harmonic Innovation Hub, the innovative ecosystem engaged in research and development of technological solutions capable of responding to the main environmental, social and economic criticalities of the Mediterranean area - and the community of Italian innovators based in Boston, in the United States, with a view to fostering the competitiveness and collaboration of their respective innovation systems.

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