Google Maps shows Dolomites hiking

Jul 03, 2015 679

Expo visitors can experience 360-degree views of hiking trails in the Dolomites, thanks to a project going on display at the Friuli Giulia Venezia Region stand from July 3-9 that highlights the images captured with a special Google mapping device for hikers. The project, called "Dolomiti Google Special Collects", is part of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, and began collecting images for Google Maps at the end of summer 2014.

To capture the unique trail images, hikers wore a special 25-kilogram, geolocated "backpack" outfitted with 15 cameras that takes thousands of panoramic photos at eight-second intervals. The device is called the Google Trekker and is part of the worldwide Google Trekker Loan Program, which aims to add hard-to-reach places to Google Maps Street View. 

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