From Lombard “Colomba” to Sicilian “Cassata,” it’s not Easter without dessert

Apr 04, 2015 1853

by Andrea Carli

Cakes and candies, cakes and candies and more cakes and candies, and the diet can wait. At the end of the Easter holidays, families will have taken €400 million out of their pockets to buy confections, estimated Codacons, a consumer association.

Six out of ten Italians will serve the Colomba cake (shaped like a dove) which, according to a Coldiretti/Ixe's survey, will be the favorite dessert beating the traditional chocolate eggs. Nearly half of households, or 46%, will consume a homemade dessert. The list of delicacies is long, and the South is at the forefront, although the "Colomba" is an invention of Lombardy in the 1930s.

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Fonte: Italy24


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