Ferrari P80/C Is A One-Off Race Car Four Years In The Making

Apr 02, 2019 245

One-off commissions for Ferrari’s most-valued customers tend to be rather special. They allow the designers and engineers involved to step outside the boundaries of a series production vehicle and produce something that transcends the need to cater to a broader audience. The P80/C you see here is the result of just such a project, one that started way back in 2015 when a customer asked for an original interpretation of the Sports Prototype Concept. Whereas most commissions focus on road-going variants, this particular car shares its underpinnings with the track-only 488 GT3.

Ferrari says that the four-year development for the P80/C is the longest in the brand’s history for a one-off model and the modifications have been extensive, to say the least. Painted in a bespoke shade of red named Rosso Vero, this track weapon’s body shell is made entirely out of carbon fiber, bearing little resemblance to either the 488 GTB road-car or even the GT3 variant.

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