Celebrities Love Italy: A Gladiator School or a Gelateria? Something for Everyone

Oct 17, 2022 195

It barely needs to be said that Italy has long been a favored vacation destination for tourism; and especially for the rich, famous and the extremely famous. For centuries people have been attracted by its stunning coastline, its culture, its chic fashion sense, its gorgeous vineyards and its stellar mountain regions. Italy has always impressed the A-listers of many an era and today is no exception. 

Simone Amorico, CEO of the exclusive tour company Access Italy, knows all about it and he is willing to share the names of the who’s who of today’s A-listers who love the Bel Paese and what are their favorite destinations. Jessica Alba loves Villa Borghese. Amorico confides that “She very much enjoyed when we rented bikes and went to Villa Borghese in Rome with her kids…she also loved ancient Rome,” he said, mentioning that the Colosseum and Roman Forum were particular favorites. 

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SOURCE: https://lavocedinewyork.com

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