May 28, 2022 222

The heritage tourism, in Italy called “tourism of the roots”, has arisen in the Italian public discourse a tremendous debate – think of the contributions of the PNRR foreseen for “return tourism”. The Altreitalie Center wishes to start to investigate the literature related to the visits home by the descendants of Italian emigrants and by contemporary migrants.

In the past, the vast literature produced by writers, poets and essayists in all continents has had as witnesses Helen Barolini, Loretta Baldassar, Carmine Abate, Mireille Kuttel, to name but a few. An examination of the subject from a literary, historical, autobiographical perspective, will help to enrich the contemporary debate on the subject.

The Call for paper is aimed at scholars of the various disciplines: history, anthropology, ethnography, sociology, geography, and literature. The average length of the essays is 40,000 characters (6,000 words), review essays, literary and autobiographical contributions may be shorter. Depending on the answers received, the contributions will be published in the next issues of Altreitalie. International journal of studies on Italian migration and / or in a publication of the Centre’s series.

Deadline: September 15, 2022 For information: 


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