Calabria's San Giovanni in Fiore: scenic, spiritual and an emblem of emigration

Jan 20, 2022 205

BY: Mariella Radaelli

You can hike for miles in the mountainous Sila plateau through dark woods of pine trees dripping with lichen and moss. With the help of a local guide, you can watch for wolves, boars, and deer as you follow streams, brooks, waterfalls, fallow fields, and caves. Nature fuels your imagination in a harsh region with a rich combination of spirituality, terrifying folklore, and tales about bandits and brigands on the run.

An excellent base in Calabria to explore Sila National Park is San Giovanni in Fiore. Dubbed the capital of the Sila, this old town full of secrets is perched on Mount Difesa, its winding cobbled streets heavy with wildflowers in spring and snow at this time of the year.

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