The Buranelli canal in Treviso, an open-air work of art

Jan 17, 2022 426

BY: Monica Auteri

One of the most suggestive Italian cities is located at North, precisely in Veneto: it is Treviso, also called “Little Venice“, a city full of canals including the Buranelli, which create an almost magical atmosphere. Let’s see how these channels are born and what to see in Treviso!

You may have heard of the famous Buranelli canal, also called Middle channel or one of the most important branches of the river of Treviso, the Botteniga. The waterway takes its name from a family of important traders on the island of Burano, or Buranelli: it is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Italy, much loved by Treviso and is located in the historic center of the city. 

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