Borsalino, an Italian icon of style

Apr 21, 2022 249

BY: Chiara Dalessio

What a movie, Casablanca. The cinematography, the aesthetics, the music, the actors, of course. Who doesn’t have in mind Humphrey Bogart, dark and handsome, with his fedora hat and trench coat, in the famous airport scene where he says goodbye to Ilsa, interpreted by Ingrid Bergman? That hat, that fedora, was a Borsalino. 

Borsalino: a name that became a synonym with elegance and high quality, with fashion and durability. In other words: a name that embodies the very essence of our Made in Italy, all the way down to the company’s history. Because Borsalino was born as a family business and developed deep connections with the territory of southern Piedmont and, especially, with the city of Alessandria, where its headquarters are still today.

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