An entire medieval hamlet is on sale In Umbria!

Jul 28, 2015 760

Nestled in the green heart of Italy, Umbria, the medieval village simply known as Il Borgo can be yours. Get ready for some property porn, by looking through the gallery of this ultimate dream home for many. There is nothing like being able to call a place your home, for those 4 walls to be yours, to have personalized it with your taste and your things, a true haven to find respite from the chaos outside.

A country home is even more covetable as a bolthole to relax in, bit how about an entire village? For those who have no budget concerns (its listed for around 22 million Euros), we've unearthed a true gem: a hamlet in the picturesque hills of Umbria, near the town of Norcia. And it's absolutely beautiful.

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